Andrea Brown

Andrea Brown

Major Andrea Brown is currently assigned as the Commander of the Community Services Division.


Major Brown began her career in 1997 as a civilian desk clerk with the former Louisville Division of Police (LPD).

After becoming a police officer, she served as a patrol officer in the former LPD’s Third and Fourth Police Districts and later served the Third District as a Crime Prevention Officer.

Upon merger, Major Brown was temporarily assigned to the department’s Training Bureau to assist as a background investigator for new hires and while there had an opportunity to serve on one of the department’s merger committees.

She continued to serve the newly merged Louisville Metro Police Department as a Division Resource Officer in the Fourth Division, until being promoted to Sergeant in 2007. As a Patrol Sergeant, she was assigned to the First Division and supervised on both the late-watch and mid-watch platoons.

In 2011, she was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the Special Operations Division as the Community Relations Commander. In addition to her position as the Community Relations Commander, Brown also served as a Special Events coordinator for many of the city’s large events.

After being promoted to the rank of major, Brown commanded the First Division.

Major Brown served 11 years on the Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) serving at every level as a Negotiator, Team Leader, Assistant Team Commander and as the HNT Commander.


She has received several letters of commendations and awards, including two (2) meritorious unit citation awards and was named Officer of the Month by the Louisville Metro Council.

Personal Life

She is married and has two (2) children. 

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