Jessie Halladay

Jessie Halladay

Jessie Halladay is the Special Advisor for the Louisville Metro Police Department.


Halladay spent more than 15 years as a newspaper reporter in several communities from Port Huron, Michigan to Washington D.C. She moved to Louisville, where her mother was raised, to work for The Courier Journal. After 10 years of covering public safety for the newspaper, she worked as Communications Director for Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell. She then spent time working as the Senior Policy Advisor for Justice and Public Safety Secretary John Tilley.

In September 2017, she joined the LMPD on the Executive Command staff and oversees the Public Information Office.


Halladay is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has a master’s degree from Northwestern University. 

Personal Life

Jessie Halladay is a native of Detroit, but has lived in Louisville for more than 15 years. 

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