How do I report illegal dumping?

There is no simple answer to the problem of illegal dumping. Keeping  areas clean, well lit and unobstructed may help prevent illegal dumping  but once it has occurred, the solution is a combination of government  and citizen action. Metro Solid Waste Management Department will remove  debris dumped on Metro owned properties, such as parks or facilities, or in situations that the public right-of-way (streets, alleys, and  sidewalks) has been blocked. However, illegal dumping on private  property or on easements adjoining private property become the  responsibility of the property owner to remove. If you see illegal  dumping in progress, please call the Louisville Metro Police Department  at 502-574-7111 or 502-574-2111 to report the location and description  of the persons and vehicle doing the dumping. If the dumping has already occurred, you may report it to Metro311 at 502-574-5000 or 311, email at [email protected], X @ LouMetro311, or web/mobile app. A determination will be made on whether the cleanup should  be done by the Metro Government or the property owner and the  appropriate agency will be notified. More information about your responsibility as a tenant or homeowner.

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