What should I do if I have been involved in a traffic accident?

If you are involved in an accident, determine whether or not anyone is injured. If necessary, contact the appropriate medical personnel as soon as possible. For emergencies, call 911. If any unknown substances or liquids are at the accident scene, keep away from them. They may be hazardous or even lethal. For non-injury accidents call the Louisville Metro Police Department at 574-7111 or 574-2111. If both parties agree on what happened in a non-injury accident, you may move the vehicles to the side of the roadway in order to expedite the flow of traffic. If the parties do not agree, do not move the vehicles in any case. Never move the vehicles if there are injuries to any of the parties. Never let anyone talk you out of having an accident report made. If you are unsure as to the proper procedures, call the Louisville Metro Police Department and wait until an officer arrives on the scene to assist you. Keep all parties and witnesses at the scene until the proper authorities arrive. You may pick up a copy of your accident report after 10 working days. This report can be picked up in person at:

701 West Ormsby Avenue, Suite 1, 

Louisville, Kentucky, 40203. 

You may check to see if your report is available by calling 502-574-2050. Accident reports can also be purchased electronically.

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