What are health insurance options?

Our current health insurance offers 3 different plans - one of which will incur ZERO paycheck deductions, an HRA card from $1,000 (single plan) to $1,400 (family plan) and a wellness center that will cost $5 per visit and provide medication for free if they have it on site. LMPD just began (July 1, 2021) to offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave for new childbirth for both our male and female officers. We also offer bereavement leave, unlimited sick leave, FMLA leave, just to name a few of our incentives.

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1. Where is the job posting for Police Recruit and Police Lateral?
2. When will the lateral class start?
3. How long will the lateral class be?
4. How long will the Police Training Officer (PTO) process be?
5. What equipment and/or uniforms will be given to laterals?
6. When will I be assigned a take-home vehicle?
7. How much sworn time do you have to have to be considered for the lateral program?
8. How is pay/vacation accrual determined?
9. What are health insurance options?
10. How will class be structured?
11. Will I have a choice of patrol division assignment/shift?
12. When can I apply for specialty jobs/units?
13. Will laterals have to serve a probationary period?
14. What testing will be required?