How is pay/vacation accrual determined?

Pay and vacation accrual will be determined by the sworn experience of the applicant. This compensation will be capped at 10 years. If you have more than 10 years sworn experience, you will be paid as a 10-year ($75,852/annually ($71,552 base pay + $4,300 KLFPF) and 9.31 hours vacation per paycheck).

All laterals will be eligible for a $8,000 hiring incentive, paid over 2 years ($4,000 upon hire, $2,000 upon completion of year 1 and $2,000 upon completion of year 2). Any laterals that have to relocate more than 75 miles from current residence to Jefferson County line boundaries will be paid a $3,000 relocation incentive.

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8. How is pay/vacation accrual determined?
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