Our Future Plans

Louisville Metro PAL's future plans include:

Year 2

  • Basketball League expands to serve 120 - 150 kids and adds a summer basketball camp
  • Boxing League expands to serve 10 - 15 kids and 2 - 3 kids may be able to advance to enter tournaments
  • Add a Volleyball League that will serve about 60 kids, ages 9 - 16
  • Gauge interest in future programs options, such as culinary training, book club, fishing, wrestling, MMA, camping, chess and electronic gaming

Year 3

  • Basketball League to expand to serve 150+ kids
  • Boxing League to expand to serve 15+ kids and 8 - 10 may be able to advance to enter tournaments
  • Volleyball League expands to serve 75 - 100 kids
  • Add more programs based on interest levels. Each program will have a heavy infusion of mentoring, academic assistance, community services, and life skills training

Become a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you would be helping kids and the community as well as have the opportunity to participate in the end-of-season banquets. For more information, please contact Louisville Metro PAL Director Rick Polin.