Shield a Badge

The goal of the program is to involve all of the community in a common commitment. This is to be a daily prayer for the SAFETY, GOOD JUDGEMENT, and A SAFE RETURN HOME for each officer. Thus the name "Shield a Badge". This is an opportunity to show support and help for our officers.

Shield A Badge 2


Bernadette and Peter Henz Jr. were the founders of the "Shield a Badge with a Prayer" program in 1988. In 1983, one of her four sons became a Police Officer for the Arlington Police Department. Mrs. Henz found herself praying daily for his safety, good judgement, and a safe return home. The daily prayers for his safety slowly were joined in by close friends and by her church prayer group. When two of her other sons became officers, Mrs. Henz realized all officers need prayers of safety and thus the idea of "Shield a Badge" was formed.

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  • Commitment by the citizen / prayer sponsor is generally for ONE YEAR.  A daily prayer offered up for the safety on an assigned officer is all that is required.  There is no prescribed prayer or wording that must be used.
  • The Officer's name and badge number will be given to the participant.
  • Communications with the officer will be limited to a card or note several times a year, letting them know you are praying for them.  It is recommended that the card mentions the Shield a Badge program.  Seasonal cards are welcome but no gifts. 
  • There should be NO attempt to make personal contact with the officer and NO emails.
  • If an officers leaves the force, the prayer person will be notified and assigned a new name / badge number.
  • NO - Promises beyond PRAY EVERY DAY
  • NO - Phone calls or emails
  • NO - Soliciting
  • NO - Demands from officers
  • NO - Favors extended
  • NO - Pushing self on officers
  • NO - Money involved
  • NO - Collections
  • NO - Exchanges
  • One (1) year commitment
  • Note/postcard during the year letting the officer know your name and that you are part of the "Shield a Badge" program

This program is being piloted in the Third and Eighth Divisions. The roll out for this program will begin in the churches of these divisions. For more information on how to participate in this program, call 502-574-7644.