Street Closures

The following streets will be closed during the following times.

Monday, January 21, 2019 - Martin Luther King Jr. Motorcade

9 am - 1 pm

  • 28th Street from Howard Street to Broadway
  • Broadway from 28th Street to 29th Street

10 am - 1 pm

  • Broadway from 29th Street to 34th Street
  • Broadway from 20th Street to 23rd Street
  • 34th Street from Broadway to Vermont Avenue
  • River Park Drive/Chestnut Street from 34th Street to 20th Street
  • 33rd Street from Vermont Avenue to River Park Drive (no access to I-264)
  • I-264 ramp to River Park Drive
  • 22nd Street from Chestnut Street to Algonquin Parkway
  • Hill Street from 18th Street to Wilson Avenue
  • Wilson Avenue from Hill Street to Algonquin Parkway
  • Algonquin Parkway from Wilson Avenue to 18th Street
  • 21st Street from Dumesnil Street to Jefferson Street
  • Dumesnil Street from 23rd Street to 18th Street
  • Oak Street from 18th Street to 23rd Street
  • Jefferson Street from 20th Street to 23rd Street

No Parking Areas

10 am - 1 pm

  • Jefferson Street from 21st Street to 22nd Street

Other Street Closures

For street closures, other than those manned by the Louisville Metro Police Department, click here.