Neighborhood Watch

The Louisville Metro Neighborhood Watch Program is an active partnership between the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) and area residents to increase community awareness and crime prevention. The Neighborhood Watch Program is a vital network that provides each resident with the knowledge and resources to fight crime through:

  • Home Security 
  • Property Identification 
  • Public Safety Techniques 
  • Neighborhood Awareness 
  • Getting to Know Your Neighbors 
  • Partnerships with Police

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

If you are concerned about crime or want to start a Neighborhood Watch where you live, please follow the instructions provided so you will know which LMPD division covers the area you live in. 

  • To find your division and beat, click here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type your address into the MyLouisville box. Click go and your division and beat will appear under the Emergency Services icon. Take note of the division in which you live.
  • Once you determine your division and beat, please email or call the corresponding LMPD Division Resource Officer (DRO), listed below, or Neighborhood Watch to discuss starting a Neighborhood Watch. 


  • Talk to your neighbors to determine if they are interested in participating. 
  • Think about where you would like to meet (a neighbor’s home, a public location or the LMPD Division). Evening meetings usually begin at 6 pm, 6:30 pm or 7 pm, when people are usually available after work. Meetings will last no more than 1 1/2 hours. At the meeting, get everyone's name, address, phone number and email address. 
  • Your DRO will set up a date and time with you for your first meeting. 
  • You will need to contact your neighbors about the meeting by calling them, distributing flyers or posting signs in visible areas in the subdivision, if applicable. 
  • The DRO will address your group at the first meeting about crime statistics in your area, answer questions and talk about crime prevention. After the DRO speaks, your group needs to make some decisions because the Neighborhood Watch belongs to you and your neighbors.  
  • It takes two (2) meetings to get your Neighborhood Watch established because everything cannot be addressed at the first meeting. At the end of the first and/or beginning of the second meeting, your group will choose a captain, a co-captain, topics to discuss, problems neighbors want to see resolved, decide when you will meet again and complete the registration form to determine where you want your Neighborhood Watch signs to make your Neighborhood Watch official. 
  •  After you have read the attached materials, email/call your DRO to arrange his/her availability (date/time) to attend your Neighborhood Watch meeting.

To request more information and / or start a Neighborhood Watch today, you may contact Community Engagement Unit at (502) 574-4698 or email LMPD Neighborhood Watch.

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