Compliment/Complaint Involving our Employees

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To file your compliment electronically - click here.

Complaint Against Employee Process

To file a complaint against a member of the Louisville Metro Police Department, please use one of the following methods below:

  • In person -- Go to the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) Office at 400 South 1st Street, Louisville, KY  40211
  • By form -- Pick up a form at any of the eight (8) divisions
  • Electronically - click here

For more information on the complaint process, please feel free to call the PSU Office @ 502-574-7144.

The civilian complaint is a way for any citizen to initiate the process of filing a formal complaint against an employee of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD). Please read, and follow, this instruction sheet carefully as it outlines the necessary steps needed to ensure your complaint is filled out correctly. This form does not ensure the opening of a formal investigation, but all complaints are reviewed by a representative from the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) to determine if the complaint merits further inquiry.

Complaints from third-parties will not be considered unless they are from legal guardians representing a minor or someone of diminished mental capacity. In those instances, a legal guardian MUST complete the complaint.

The required fields (asterisk) of the complaint MUST be completed for it to be considered. The required fields (asterisk) are:

  • Complainant
  • Complainant’s Date of Birth
  • Complainant’s Address
  • Complainant’s Phone Number(s)
  • Complainant’s Email
  • Location of Incident
  • Incident Date
  • Incident Time
  • Involved Employee(s) Name, Rank, Code, Assignment, Description
  • Description of Incident

In the space labeled Description of Incident, please describe the events in as much detail as possible. A policy violation must be articulated in the narrative otherwise the PSU will have no basis for an investigation. An investigator may need to contact you for further clarification regarding your narrative. Current contact information must be provided for them to do so. Any complaints of criminal activity displayed by a member of the LMPD should be directed to the Public Integrity Unit (PIU) at (502) 574-2136.


Ms. Stella Dorsey, the Human Relations Commission Citizen Advocate, is also available to assist citizens in making formal complaints. Ms. Dorsey is a notary public and can assist in getting the complaint notarized. Ms. Dorsey is a valuable resource to explain the process of making a complaint and is available to assist with appeals. Her contact numbers are 502-574-4357 (office) or 502-475-8039 (cell). Her office is located at 410 W. Chestnut Street, Suite 300A.