Robbery Prevention Tips

  1. Avoid poorly lit areas. If you must walk through such areas, walk purposefully and with an air of confidence.
  2. When walking to your vehicle, have your car keys in hand, before walking across the parking lot.
  3. When you enter your vehicle, immediately lock your doors.
  4. When driving, keep your doors locked at all times and your car windows rolled up to the point that an arm can't be stuck into your vehicle.
  5. When possible, don't walk alone or on dark streets, or take short cuts through deserted area.
  6. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash, and keep tempting targets, such as jewelry, as hidden as much as possible.
  7. Before you use a bank's automated teller machine, be observant. Look around the area for people loitering. If you see a suspicious person or persons, do not use that machine at that time.
  8. Whenever possible, park your car in a well-lit area and as close to an open business as possible.