At Places of Business

Opening the Business

Have two employees together meet and unlock the business. One should stay outside, while the other checks the interior. After clearing, both may enter.

Closing the Business

Employees should accompany each other to their vehicles- especially at night. If this is not possible, perhaps a security guard for the shopping center can escort the last employee to his/her car.

Bank Deposits

Making bank deposits alone can be dangerous. Employees making deposits should always go in pairs. If you are alone, vary deposit times and carry the deposit inside a purse or a plain bag. Do not use a bank bag or a bag with a name on it. NEVER make deposits after closing, as this is obvious and could result in a hold-up.

Taking Out the Trash

Doing this in pairs is much safer, both for the employees and the business.

Panic Buttons

Install panic buttons at the front counter. Make sure there are phones near both front and rear entrances.

Controlling Access

This enhances personal security. Keep secondary exits locked. Limit access to secondary exits by non-employees by having doors alarmed and labeled "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY" or limit access to the area around the door.

Keep Restrooms Locked

Be in control of access to restrooms, storage areas, etc. This prevents assailants from hiding in waiting and "breakouts."

ID Badges for Access Control

They are only as good as the enforcement of the policy.


This increases safety. Keep parking and walking areas well lit, and keep the area around the building clear of debris. Stacks of boxes and pallets can be hiding places for assailants. Install mirrors or Closed Circuit TV in rooms with blind corners and in enclosed parking facilities.