Bicycle Safety Tips

  1. Ride only on the right hand side of the street or roadway.
  2. Watch carefully when passing a parked car or truck, when overtaking a car ahead, pass on the left when the way is clear.
  3. Before turning or stopping give the proper signal in plenty of time to let others know what you intend to do.
  4. Ride single file. When on the streets and highways with other bicyclists, ride single file, one behind the other. Keep three bicycle lengths behind the rider you are following.
  5. Never hitch on to cars or trucks. Bicycle riders or persons on coasters or roller skates must never cling to or hold onto moving cars or trucks. Keep a safe distance behind the car or truck you are following, being ready for any sudden stops.
  6. Ride alone. Don't carry another person on the handlebars or crossbars of your bicycle. It makes balance uncertain and steering unsteady. Only one person should ride on a standard bicycle.
  7. Night riding is especially dangerous. Don't ride after dark, if you can avoid it. If you must ride at night, ride slowly with extra care, and you must have a good light and reflector that can be seen clearly.
  8. Ride in a straight line. Don't weave in and out of traffic or try trick riding on the street or sidewalk. Keep your head up.
  9. Don't ride out of driveways, alleys or ride out from behind parked cars without first stopping and looking to see that the sidewalks or streets are clear. Walk your bicycle and mount after leaving the driveway.
  10. Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times. Never carry bundles that will prevent this. It is best to have a bicycle basket to the front or a rack on the back with straps to carry books or other packages.
  11. Slow down and look both ways before crossing streets. Cross at corners. Walk your bicycle across busy streets.
  12. You must observe and obey all the traffic rules that the drivers of cars and trucks are required to obey. Traffic signs, lights, one-way streets and crosswalk markings apply to the bicycle rider as well as to drivers and people who are walking. You must always ride at a safe speed to fit conditions.