Common Scam Myths

1. If the funds from the check post in my bank account, it's a good check.

FALSE - By law, banks can only hold a check for a few days and they have to release the funds. It takes several more days for the check to actually clear. Know your bank's policies regarding deposits.

2. If I wire money to a specific address, I can contact the person there if something is wrong.

FALSE - Most wire services allow funds to be redeemed with a PIN number and/or a security question at any of their branches around the world.

3. The suspect can be tracked through their phone number and address.

FALSE - Many criminals now have the ability to spoof, or falsely display, a phone number and the addresses are fraudulent, as well.

4. If I get scammed, I can recover the money in court.

FALSE - Because most of these scams have international involvement, prosecution is highly unlikely.

5. The best way to protect myself is to not become a victim at all. 

TRUE - With education and diligence, you can stop the scams before it gets you.

If you have any questions regarding these SCAMS or any other financial crime, please call the LMPD Financial Crimes Unit at 502-574-7045.