CIT Training

Why Special Training? 

CIT officers quickly recognize behaviors associated with a mental illness in order to keep themselves and others safer and to respond more effectively to persons in psychiatric distress.

This specialized CIT training provides law enforcement with roll-play demonstrations of crisis de-escalation techniques and community resource information that will aide officers returning to duty more quickly. CIT is more than just training - it develops sensitivity, understanding and better communications with persons with a mental illness.

How Does CIT Training Work?

CIT Officers

  • Attend 40 hours of specialized training regarding police tactics, crisis de-escalation techniques, the value of active listening skills and officer role-play exercises taken from actual police runs
  • In addition to regular patrol duties, CIT officers are the lead officer at situations that may involve persons with mental illness in crisis

Mental Health Providers

  • Provide training for CIT officers about mental illness and medications used to treat these illnesses
  • Advise officers of community resources available to them when dealing with people in crisis
  • Accept mental health consumers for assessment and treatment 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Develop policies and procedures to allow officers to more quickly return to their tour of duty

Mental Health Advocates

  • Participate in training CIT officers
  • Participate on Community CIT Advisory Committee activities
  • Participate in recognition of outstanding CIT officers