LGBTQ Advisory Council


The LGBTQ Advisory Council to the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) is currently being created. It will be one of several councils that work collaboratively with the police. The Council will be created to work with the department on issues of concern and to share insights and recommendations that could impact relationships between the LMPD and the community. Council members will work together to create their own agendas and strategize ways for making police services more responsive to the needs of the community. The council will meet quarterly with LMPD Chief Steve Conrad.


1. Work with the LMPD to improve public safety for the LGBTQ community.

2. Gain an understanding of LMPD policies and procedures that pertain to LGBTQ issues and provide ongoing feedback and suggestions for improvement of current policies and procedures. This includes an understanding of policies pertaining to new police recruits as well as seasoned officers and review current and future sensitivity training curriculum.

3. Seek clarity and resolution to pending issues before the board and offer suggestions for said clarity and resolution.

4. Assist in recruiting efforts for more LGBTQ police officers.

5. Ensure excellent communication between the LGBTQ community and the LMPD. This includes the board listening to community concerns; offering praise and constructive criticism to the LMPD; assisting the LMPD (LGBTQ) liaison officer by working with the many diverse groups in the LGBTQ community; and encouraging and promoting the LMPD (LGBTQ) Citizens Police Academy.

6. Participate in the many community outreach programs offered in Louisville, Jefferson County geared toward the LGBTQ community to promote positive police interaction (e.g., Kentuckiana Pride Festival, The Louisville Pride Festival, We are Orlando).

Application (PDF)

Mission Statement (PDF)