Missing Persons

If you have information that will help locate these missing persons, please contact the Louisville Metro Police Department's (LMPD) Missing Persons Squad at 502-574-7120. You may call our anonymous tip line at 502-574-LMPD (5673) or toll free at 866-649-4479. You can also submit a tip online.

If you have information or had any contact with any of the missing persons around the time they went missing please contact the LMPD in one of the following ways:

  • LMPD's Missing Persons Unit
    633 W Jefferson Street
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Phone 502-574-7120
  • LMPD Anonymous Tipline: 502-574-LMPD (5673)
  • Anonymous tip website
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Amy Haueter

Amy Haueter

Andrea Knabel

Andrea Knabel - Small

Angelia Spaulding Hilbert

Angelia Spaulding Hilbert

Ann Gotlib

Ann Gotlib Circa 1983

Austin Gamez

Austin Gamez - Small

Bradley Ross

Bradley Ross

Citalli Perez-Coronel

Citalli Perez-Coronel

Debra Lucas

Debra Lucas Circa 2010

Eddie Dean Hall

Eddie Dean Hall - Small

Elizabeth Brussow

Elizabeth Brussow

Glen "Austin" Oldfield

Glen Austin Oldfield - Small

Henry Richard Eubank Jr.

Henry R Eubank Jr

James Gunterman

James Gunterman

Justin L Johnson

Justin L Johnson - Small

Kenneth W. Watters

Kenneth Watters

Kevin Montez Mitchell


Muzzeta Lampkin


Larry Leon Roberts

Larry Leon Roberts - Small

Nicholas Adam Levay

Nicholas Adam Levay - Small

Lisa Kim Adcock

Lisa Kim Adcock - Small

Norma Jean Vincent

Norma Jean Vincent - Small

Lisa Marie Green

Lisa Marie Green - Small

Patricia Hubbard

Patricia Hubbard

Michael L. Jones

Michael L Jones

Rhonda Day

Rhonda Day - Small

Ronald L. Janes

Ronald L Janes

Shelly Renee Strode

Shelly Renee Strode - Small

Stephen Spalding

Stephen Spalding

Steven K Bartley

Steven Bartley - Small

Unidentified Victims

LMPD Report Number 80-09-091686

LMPD Report Number 80-09-091686

LMPD Report Number 80-16-061570

UP 15481 - Small