Media & Public Relations

Since merging as a metropolitan police department in 2003, the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) continually strives to be progressive in transparency initiatives and cooperative relationships with news organizations.


The Media and Public Relations Office serves as the liaison with news organizations to provide them with a 24-hour-a-day on-call response, providing timely and cooperative information regarding matters of public interest and concern. At least one member of the office responds, in-person, to significant crime scenes and events. The office coordinates media access and press conferences, reviews newsworthy items for release to the media and coordinates media requests for articles or programs involving the department. The unit also fulfills all open records requests, from media organizations, under the “Freedom of Information Act”.  

In addition to coordinating with the media, the unit strives to enhance the overall public relations of the department and has produced numerous advertising and promotional campaigns. The unit is also responsible for maintaining departmental social media sites in order to disseminate timely information directly to our citizens.  

Unit Personnel

The unit consists of four personnel – two Public Information Officers and two civilian Public Information Specialists. The unit reports directly to the Special Advisor, who is a member of the Chief’s Executive Staff.  


For 2017, the Media and Public Relations Office:

  • Handled 6,423 media inquiries and 231 media requests
  • Distributed 377 press releases
  • Held 37 press conferences
  • Generated 101 national news stories involving the department
  • Coordinated 111 feature news stories
  • Processed 397 open records requests
  • Composed 718 social media posts