Louisville's Most Wanted

The following individuals are currently wanted by the Louisville Metro Police Department as of July 12, 2018. If you have any information on any of the individuals listed please contact the anonymous LMPD Tip Line at 502-574-LMPD (5673) or Toll Free at 1-866-649-4479.

Adolfo Araujo

Adolfo Araujo Front

Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro Gonzalez Front

Andrew William Pierce

Andrew William Pierce Front

Anthony Charles Happel


Antony Jones

Antony Jones Front

Arturo Marin Olvera

Arturo Marin Olvera Front

Carlos Herrera-Jimenez

Carlos Alfonso Herrera-Jimenez Front

Carolyn Denise Marshall

Carolyn Denise Marshall

Charles Henderson

Charles Henderson Side Profile

Charles Joseph Ledet

Charles Joseph Ledet Front

Charmin Renee Denny

Charmin Renee Denny Front

Christopher Logan Kidd

Christopher Logan Kidd Front

Cory Dean Johnson

Cory Dean Johnson

Dametri Jovante Eaton

Dametri Jovante Eaton Front

Dennis Peter Weeks-Jr

Dennis Peter Weeks Jr Front

Deronn Kinta Layton

Deronn Kinta Layton Front

Derrick Orlondo Williams

Derrick Orlondo Williams

Eli Perez-Hernandez

Eli Perez Hernandez Front

Esequiel Jesse Cuevas

Esequiel Jesse Cuevas Front

Esquivel Mauro Sallegos

Esquivel Mauro Sallegos Front

Eugene Frank Persson

Eugene Frank Persson Front

Forrest Alan Jansing

Forrest Alan Jansing Front

Herberto Garza Ibarra

Herberto Garza-Ibarra Front

Jack Edward Spector

Jack Edward Spector Front

Jeremy Joseph Hadley

Jeremy Joseph Hadley Front

Jose Fernando Martinez

Jose Fernando Martinez Front

Joshua Paul Atkins

Joshua Paul Atkins Front

Juan Diego Vargas

Juan Diego Vargas Front

Lance Wayne Valentine

Lance Wayne Valentine Front

Larry Darnell Montgomery

Larry Darnell Montgomery Front

Lomac Quinten Jeter

Lomac Quinten Jeter

Michael Charles Knight

Michael Charles Knight Front

Michael Thomas McClellan

Michael Thomas McClellan Front

Miguel Angel Villasenor

Miguel Angel Villasenor Front

Omar Coto Nelson

Omar Coto-Nelson Front

Ricky D Billups

Ricky D Billups

Robert Elias Daniel

Robert Elias Daniel Front

Rodshawn Quinttay Brown

Rodshawn Quinttay Brown Front

Sharon Luann Rowekamp

Sharon Luann Rowekamp

Shyla Lynea Moore

Shyla Lynea Moore Front

Stacy Lewis Evans

Stacy Lewis Evans Front

Tevin Dewayne Bowers

Tevin Dewayne Bowers

William Lee Finnie

William Lee Finnie Front

William Todd Shepherd